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Noted for its long distance accuracy and rugged dependability, we only build this rifle on a factory receiver you provide or choose from our sources, with your choice of caliber, stock, color, muzzle brake and barrel. Recycle a favorite receiver into a highly accurate rifle!


“Ever try to hit a penny at 300 yards? Try it with these super accurate hunting rifles and you will often hit it! These super accurate rifles make solid hits on deer possible at ranges that are unbelievable!”
~ Jim Carmichel, Shooting Editor of Outdoor Life Magazine for 25 years

When reviewing this rifle, noted gun writer Jim Carmichel coined the moniker “Beanfield Rifle” and the name stuck! More than 35 years later, this popular model is now known as the “Legendary Beanfield Rifle” thanks to its long distance accuracy and rugged dependability.

We are happy to build this rifle on a factory receiver you provide. Whether a Remington, or Winchester, it’s an excellent way of recycling a favorite receiver into a highly accurate rifle! Should you not have a receiver, we can source one for you.

You’ll choose caliber, stock style, color, with/without muzzle brake, etc. The barrel taper and size are also up to you – fat or skinny, heavy or light. The trigger will be a nice crisp 2 – 2.5 lbs. Choose between our proprietary finishes on the stock and metal work for a rugged, coordinated look that fits your hunting environment.

Your rifle will have a custom load developed for one bullet weight, and you’ll be supplied with a minimum of 20 rounds of that ammo. You can add more ammo if desired. Take a look at the last three targets the rifle shot during load development and its ballistics printout. That printout will give you the exact bullet drop out to 500 yards. The rifle can be zeroed to customer's specified distance.

Try the Beanfield during your 30 day Jarrett Guarantee: if you’re not pleased, send the rifle back for a full refund. Once you’ve owned and used the Beanfield for your long distance hunting, you’ll know immediately why it’s a legend!

“I’m going to do you a favor. A big favor. I’m going to tell you who makes the world’s most accurate hunting rifle . . . His name is Kenny Jarrett, the Baron of the Beanfield Rifle.”
~ Art Carter, Co-Founder of Sporting Classics Magazine

To learn more about the Beanfield and how it can change your hunting success, please contact Jarrett Rifles at 803.471.3616

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