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Jarrett Trophy & Custom Ammunition

“Confidence is often elusive, but you can corner it with Jarrett Ammunition!”
~ Kenny Jarrett 


Jarrett Trophy Ammunition for Every Rifle in Your Collection

Our firing data on loads for many rifles of the same calibers translates into quality handloads that shoot accurately in a high percentage of rifles in that caliber.

In other words, you don’t have to be a Jarrett Rifle owner to gain from our years of experience and expertise making the finest handloaded ammunition available today!

Experience the Jarrett Ammunition Difference!

QUALITY BRASS - For the best brass, we went to Norma of Sweden. Headstamping ammo with the Jarrett name meant that their brass had to meet our rigorous standards. It wasn’t inexpensive – the best never is – but Norma delivered.

HANDMADE - At Jarrett Rifles, “handmade” means that each powder charge is weighed and each bullet is hand-seated. There is no automated machinery loading Jarrett ammunition. No one in the world does it that way on any production basis – but our results show the difference!

INSPECTED - Skilled professionals inspect each round of our premium ammunition three times to absolutely eliminate any fault or defect.

BULLET SELECTION - Unlike many companies, we don’t have an allegiance to anyone on bullet selection. We use the bullets that do the best job for each caliber and for each application. With thirty-five years of worldwide hunting experience, and thirty years input from Jarrett rifle customers, we know what works. If you want an elk-stopping bullet for a 7mm Magnum, we got it in 175 grain weight. (This is the only source of finished, ready-to-use precision .300 Jarrett brass or loaded ammunition.) If it worked for our customers, we offer it!

POCKET BULLET BOX - Our bullets are packed in our proprietary ten-round flat plastic box that fits in your back pocket: it’s re-useable, and doesn’t rattle.

Each box has an accurate ballistics chart on the back – including a red-shaded area for experienced long-range shooters.

Jarrett Custom Ammunition for New Jarrett Rifles

Whether you are a big game hunter in pursuit of a trophy or a competitive shooter in pursuit of prize winning accuracy, the outstanding quality of Jarrett Ammunition will help you attain your goal.

Because of our commitment to accuracy, over thirty years ago we decided to make premium quality handloaded ammunition for every rifle we make. Since then, we’ve fired almost three million rounds during our exacting load development, while fire-forming loads, and filling load orders. Custom handloaded ammunition is developed specifically for each new Jarrett rifle, and twenty custom rounds, plus the last three targets the rifle shot, accompany the rifle upon delivery. Its unique formula is recorded here so that you may conveniently reorder anytime, or use the formula for your own handloads.


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