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Legendary among “Big Five” hunters for its accuracy and dependability, the Professional Hunter is simply superb for big game. In the African hunting tradition, it features a solid quarter rib, banded front sling stud, and a hooded, banded front sight.


“The rifle performed admirably! The penetration of the bullet was great and the elephant dropped on the spot. I continue to highly recommend you and your products.”
~ John Dale Powers

If Africa is in your blood, the Professional Hunter should be in your arsenal! Among “Big Five” hunters, the Professional Hunter is legendary for its accuracy and dependability. For big, fast moving dangerous game, hunters require the accuracy and penetration that is inherent in this special purpose rifle manufactured 100% by Jarrett.


For the barrel of the Professional Hunter, we maintain our exacting standard of 1/10th of 1/1000th deviation and every caliber up to .416 Remington comes with our Jarrett Tri-Lock receiver. In the African hunting tradition, the Professional Hunter has a solid quarter rib, banded front sling stud, and a hooded, banded front sight. The iron sights are calibrated to hit dead on at fifty yards. It weighs just over nine pounds.

Popular calibers for the Professional Hunter are the ageless .375 H&H, .416 Remington, .416 Rigby, or the .450 Rigby. For the classic gunroom look, choose our handsome English Walnut stock. While it adds to construction time and expense, the rifle becomes not only your “Super” killing stick, but also a true conversation piece in your trophy room. For rugged good looks, choose from one of our color toned stocks that take their cue from varied hunting environments, coordinated with your choice of one of our proprietary phenolic metal finish colors.

The Professional Hunter package features Talley rings and bases with quick release levers. The barreled action can be taken out of the stock and reassembled on location with the scope installed without losing zero. The Professional Hunter is shipped with a full sized premium case.

Because this rifle has to meet the requirements of the big game hunter, the Professional Hunter gets two tunes. One is with soft pointed bullets, the second with Jarrett Jackhammer Solids developed just for your rifle. You’ll receive 40 rounds of each load, the ballistics printout, and the last three targets the gun shot.

With Jarrett Rifles’ money back guarantee and warranted accuracy, you’ll find the Professional Hunter an African rifle with surgical accuracy and more firepower for dangerous game than a double rifle -- both highly desirable qualities available at a fraction of the double’s cost!

  • Calibers: .375 H&H, .416 Remington, .416 Rigby, or .450 Rigby (see Jarrett's Pet Calibers)

  • Receiver: Jarrett Tri-Lock for every caliber up to .416 Remington

  • Barrel: Jarrett 1/10th of 1/1000th deviation

  • Stock: Crown AAA Wood

  • Trigger: TriggerTech

  • Weight: 9 lbs unscoped

  • Base Price: Call For Pricing

  • Wood Upgrade: Call for wood options and pricing.

To learn more about the Professional Hunter and how it can change your hunting success,
please contact Jarrett Rifles at

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