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For long distance shots, choose Jarrett’s spectacular Long Ranger, which produces a 4” three shot group at 800 yards.


“When we heard sheep hunters say they
needed a legitimate 800 yard rifle, we took up the challenge and created the Long Ranger.”
~ Kenny Jarrett

As more and more hunters pursue the big Marco Polo and Argali sheep, the animals have become increasingly skittish in their difficult terrain. Once taken at 600 yards with the 300 Jarrett using 165 gr. and 180 gr. bullets, something else was now needed to bridge the
greater distances. We love a challenge, so the “Long Ranger” was born.


The Long Ranger is available in two models the heavier Competition Series and the lighter Hunting Series. The competition series has our heavy varmint taper barrel at 27 inches with a muzzle
brake. It has a Trigger Tech Trigger set at 1lb. with safety. Some competitors have chosen a bright stock and had all the metal highly polished – or choose from our proprietary colors in metal and stock finishes.

Technically, the second model of the Long Ranger is the same concept, but the rifle is light enough to hunt with and carry. The hunting model sports a 3 taper Jarrett barrel at 26 inches with a muzzle brake. For weight reduction, choose the carbon fiber stock we use on our Ridge Walker. With most popular scopes this rifle weighs in at 8 pounds.

Both the heavy target and the lighter-weight hunting versions are available in four cartridges, the .284 Jarrett LRS, Jarrett 300 LRS, .300 Win Mag, and the .338 Jarrett LRS.

Long Ranger Hunting Model


Long Ranger Heavy Barrel Target Model

  • Caliber: .30

  • Cartridge: Jarrett Trophy 300 long throat

  • Receiver: Jarrett Tri-Lock

  • Tri-Lock Barrel: Jarrett heavy 9 twist varmint taper at 27” total length with muzzle brake

  • Stock: Jarrett Fiberglass

  • Trigger: TriggerTech

  • Rings and Bases: Talley Manufacturing, Inc.

  • Weight: 12 lbs unscoped

  • Base Price: Call For Pricing


To learn more about the Long Ranger and how it can change your hunting success, please contact Jarrett Rifles at 803.471.3616

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